This one works like you would want it to. It has a few glitches that are easy to overlook if you have a little help. A lot of people gave it back before they found out what a gem they had in their hand.

First the theme is a very good one and their program does a good job of setting it up. Their ability to set up consistent great blogs is mainly made possible by a backup restore plug-in that they include and it is worth twice what you pay for the system. You provide a host, a domain or sub domain name, a blog title and keywords to use to find products. The system will create your blog and fill it with all the content you want and even spread out the dates on blog entries. It even gets back links for you. If you want to use it on another word press site using your own theme, this system has no problem sending great content to them as well.

And when you think you have seen a lot and build a great blog only to realize you used a bad title and you think you could get 10 times the traffic by changing the domain name and blog title. That is where this product really sparkles. The Backup/Restore plug-in they use with this one will let you move a blog from one domain/sub domain to another and repair the database for you quicker than you think is possible.

I have done this several times now with an average of less than 10 minutes per move.

Just back it up, copy 2 files to the new domain, run one program go into your blog and change the title and its live and looking great. You should run the back links module again on the new location.

All in all this is the best one I have found. They have a Turbo site upgrade I bought and got good results out of it as well. I am putting together a help file to guide you around the problems the system does have. The way the system is set up it wants to install in the root directory of a new domain account. I can show you how to get it to install in any sub domain you want. I can show you how to get this to work even though their support system doesn’t support sub domains.  Just click on the link.

How to Get Commission Black Ops to Work
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