This Google Sniper Review describes the best Of all the Make Money Online products that have been released in the last year, Google Sniper has remained the standard that the other products try to beat. I bought a copy in April of 2011, about a month after the first version was released. It has remained the best one I have used. This year George brown upgraded the old version to 2.0 when he added the Sniper X addition.  He now includes traffic sources and product sources that i have only found inÂsources costing $900 or more.

Sniper is organized into 6 sections of training made of a training manual and 49 videos. If you use this training to select your domain/sub domain names, Site name, and post name your websites will rank high in the search engines. Using these techniques will often have your post pages ranking higher than your main site. It even helps a lot to use the sniper techniques to title your ads if you post ads. Some traffic sources will post your ads in a way that can get highly target search traffic at .15 cents a click. Using sniper tailored key words with these ads will give you a high return on the cost of keyword targeted ads.

If you want to have a website you can have one built for you or you can get affordable Hosting for under $8 a month. If you watch for specials sometimes you can get it starting under $4 a month. If you want reliable service stick with a quality service like HostGator. Even their starter package allows unlimited domains and websites. With them as with other quality hosting services you can install as many WordPress blogs or web sites as you like.

You can try Google Sniper 2 without risk for 60 days if it’s not what you want you get 100% back with one email asking for a refund just keep your receipt.


 As a Bonus, if you buy/try Google Sniper using the link above, send me a copy of your receipt for a list of productive  traffic sources that will give you highly targeted traffic for as little as .1 cents or less per visitor to your offers. Note you still need to use Sniper techniques to construct your ad title and ad body. A new bonus addition shows you how to get google to see you as any domain name you want. this helps you get to page one of google faster.
Send your receipt to

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