simplicityThe Simplicity auto blogging plugin was a real surprise.  When installed it shows under your Edit Post window in WordPress and can retrieve articles from News and various article sources to use in your post. It will also insert product ads from ClickBank Amazon and ebay. If you go to the trouble to configure it when you install, Simplicity will change the affiliate id for you to yours. The package includes a module/wp plugin to make all your new post Unique to search engines.You should always edit your automated posts to make sure they make sense and are correct in your opinion. To make matters better they have included a module to automatically create a privacy page and about page for you. The last thing they provide for you is 2 modules to allow you to install the latest version of plugins automatically, just select from a list and it is done for your painlessly. The list of trouble free plugins is downloaded live to make sure you get the latest. After all this i was surprised to receive an update in my mail box without asking for it to fix some minor bugs i didn’t know was there.

I use this plug in on every site i build now. The Simplicity auto blogging plugin is a winner and well worth the investment.

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