NetSpend Credit CardThe NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card | MasterCard® is by far the best one I have found. There is No credit check so basically if you are old enough, you qualify.The sign up process is so painless you will wonder if that’s it. Once you click on the application link you are taken to a form that only ask for minimal information Name, address, Email, and Phone number and you are done. You will be contacted by phone soon. My phone call took about an hour to come where they get your age and SSN for later identification and validation. Pay attention during the call you are told your card will take about 7 to 10 working days to arrive. My card took a full week and it came with all the information you need explaining their fees and how to log on to their website to activate your card. If you gave them valid information on the application and phone call you will have no problem validating the card.

The next step is to load the card with cash. Their site has a button to list the loading places in your area. I loaded my card at Walmart with $40 and by the time i got home and checked my balance i found i had a $60 balance.

After checking scam reports and ripoff reports it was hard to believe what some people report. This card is not a preloaded gift card. If you want one for a friend let them fill out the application You will get $20 for your trouble. If you get one in your name and try to give it as a gift they will have a lot of trouble activating it as it is in your name. One of the scam reports claims they got a text message to provide their master card number, exp date and security number. Don’t ever answer a text like that as no card company would do that. The person tried to blame the card company for emptying their account.

Use your card wisely. I use my card like a bank for PayPal money transfers to and from PayPal are free and instantaneous. If you use it for a purchase the fee is $1 each which less than PayPal credit cards charge for large charges (over $20). It is a great card to help build up your credit rating and good training. If you try to charge more money than you have it just doesn’t work so you avoid overdraft charges. Unlike normal credit cards you don’t have monthly interest to worry about because you are not borrowing money you don’t have.

Their website is the easiest online banking site I have used. You can check your balance, transfer money to banks or PayPal or any FlashPay customer.  Bank transfers are slow. When I transferred money from my USBank account they took 8 days to release the money. Some banks don’t play well with others.

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NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card