installmyincomeInstall My Income is a new program on theĀ  ClickSure network.

I purchased a copy of Install My Income the first week it was available on the market. The sales video presented one of those products you have just got to try just to see if it worked as good as it was presented. Their training is split up into 5 stages of videos. The videos are well done and easy for anyone to understand.

They seemed more than cooperative to work with me to clear up some minor problems with their web site. Nothing is perfect when it first comes out. After really going through all their training and the software they are presenting, I found that the real value in their product is not the software although it does work quite well. They suggest a backlinks product that will move your articles to the first page of Google which will assure you residual income on products you post on your web sites. Unlike most others this service keeps your articles ranking high on Google. Even more valuable than their software product and some really great training is the coaching they provide. They take a real interest not just in weather their products work but in what they can do to make sure you make good money. All in all this is a great product. When you purchase the product you will be sent to a payment confirmed page. Save a link to this page it is where you find all your training. If you need help submit your tickets through the help link on your clicksure receipt you get when you buy. You will be surprised how promptly they respond.

At first I thought the backlinks product they suggest was expensive until I realized it will bring you much more traffic/sales for less investment than you would get from an autoresponder like aweber where you have to work to keep up a list. The backlinks approach actually comes as close as you can get to a set it and forget it system. These are great people to work with. If you follow their advise you won’t be sorry you bought this one. Once you select an article title that people are searching for in Google that doesn’t have a lot of competition, they will get it and keep it making money. If your post title has to much competition, the bonus package I provide will make those articles profitable as well.

getyoursnowIf you order using this link send me a copy of your receipt from clicksure and I will send you some traffic secrets that will give you all the traffic you want from people who are looking for what you are selling at a cost of less than a penny a click. I’ll send your bonus via e-mail when you send a copy of your receipt. This bonus along with the backlinksindexer can give the results you want. The indexer will work on your other sites as well.

Please be patient with the site, High demand has been overloading our servers. We are working on speeding things up.